There are two travel rules I like to follow.

The first one says that locals are always right. Not only this rule is a big reminder that every traveller is only a visitor and should always act accordingly, this rule also has another meaning.

In every foreign country, one can always follow local behavior traits and by doing it like locals truly experience a particular culture. This can mean getting accustomed to local pace, eating genuine cuisine or using the same means of transport as local people…

And since Vietnam is a motorcycle paradise, there is no better way how to experience this wonderful country than by taking a real motorcycle road trip.

During my travels, I have also learnt that saying YES as much as possible is the best thing one can do.

Would you like to climb the volcano?
Would you like to go out and eat duck embryos?
Can I join you for the trip?

YES to all these questions. Most of the things you may find too adventurous or crazy will show up as the best things you could have done. Those moments create the best memories.

If you are reading this Guide, you are probably thinking of taking a motorcycle trip across Vietnam. This can be one scary thought — going to Southeast Asia and riding a motorcycle across an unknown country, maybe with no riding skills — one scary thought that requires one brave YES.

In April ’16, I was facing the same scary thought, exaggerated by the fact that I have never ridden a motorcycle before. That time I said YES. And it was so worth it that I said YES ten months later again and came back to Vietnam.

I can promise you one thing. After you say YES and complete this trip, you will be really proud of yourself.

Dive into the very first part of my Step-by-Step Guide and get ready for the journey of your lifetime.