What should I pack for a trip to Vietnam?

Honestly, you don’t need much to bring with you. Not only your motorcycle will have a limited space where you can attach your things but you can buy − with only few exceptions − anything in Vietnam.

For this reason, let’s talk about packing before you leave for a road trip, not packing before you leave home.

A frequent question: How will I carry my things on the motorcycle? In a backpack attached by bungee cords.


Here is a list of necessary things you should have:

Good helmet with jaw protection – Even though you can buy a relatively good helmet in Vietnam, I still advise to buy a helmet with European or US certification and bring it to Vietnam with you. Your head is the most important thing you have.

First Aid Kit – That’s something you should always keep at hand. Pack it to your backpack as the last thing so you can access it fast when needed.

Long sleeve top for riding – This is mostly because of the sunburn. Sunshine in Vietnam is something you should definitely not underestimate. Unless you’re willing to be in terrible pain for several days, wear something with long sleeves. Also, your skin will thank you in thirty years.

Pants for riding – Also, sunburn.

Gloves for riding – Sunburn, seriously.

Sunscreen – I advise to buy one in any Circle K, Family Mart or Shop&Go in a big city. Once you are in a country side you will not be able to buy one.

Reflectors/LED lights – Lights on your old motorcycle will probably stop working at some point of your road trip. That’s how it is.


Rain Coat – One day it started raining…

Rain Cover for your Backpack

Solid shoes – Riding and wearing flip flops is something I do not recommend. It is wise to protect your feet.

Spare phone for emergency calls – Those 2% of your battery on your iPhone might not be enough.