What to do if I run out of gas

A vast majority of motorcycles in Vietnam do not have fuel gauge. With little experience and beautiful sceneries around to always look at, you can very easily forget about the need to put in gas. It happened to all of us, I would say, and not even just once…

In order to prevent this you can try to fill a full tank of your bike and count how far it can go. My both Honda Wins were able to go approximately 300 kilometers (185 miles). Try how far you can go with your new bike and keep this distance in mind. The network of state-owned gas stations is really good and you will meet a gas station almost in every town.

But what to do if I actually run out of gas? First of all, in Vietnam, it’s definitely not as bad as it sounds. There are no areas where it would be advised not to stop and the density of population is very high. That means that whenever you get stuck somewhere, it is a safe place with lots of people around and getting gas is ridiculously quick most of the times.

First thing I advise to do is to look for a settlement. More people than you might think have their own little manual gas pump and you can buy gas for just a little extra from them. That’s just in case you do not remember you would pass a big gas station. If there is no place to buy gas or it is really far to push your bike somewhere, ask someone for help. Vietnamese people are, in my opinion, some of the nicest people on Earth and they are always willing to help.

After running out of gas in one of the most remote regions in Vietnam, it only took us three minutes to find this wonderful lady who saved us and sold us two litres of gas from her little gas station.

Little hack: There is a little trick I learnt in Ha Giang City watching a young couple running out of gas on a traffic light. Get off your motorcycle and lean the bike on one side as much as possible. Keep it down for a while and repeat it on the other side. By doing this you let the remaining gas in your tank flow in the engine. A couple weeks later, I ran out of gas at 2 am in the middle of nowhere right between Hoi An and Da Nang. This trick got me another 10 kilometers – the exact distance to the hotel in Da Nang.